2021 SMC Alumni Association Scholarships Announced …

The SMC Alumni Association in partnership with St. Mary's College would like to announce the 2021 SMC Alumni Association Scholarship award winners.  There were many credible applications that made it very difficult to decide.  We would like to thank all students who applied for the scholarships and wish them well in their future endeavors.  The award winners include:

  • "Carmen Provenzano Leadership" Award(s)

Kylie Esposito - I am pursuing Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Laurentian University next year. I have always had a love for chemistry and for medicine since I was young, This program combines the two together. I eventually wish to use my knowledge from my undergrad to obtain a doctorate degree and further study different drugs to target cancer as it has been a huge part of my life.

  • "Rudy Duschek Scholarship" Award(s) founded by Rudy Duschek

Sierra Solomon - I have a major interest in science and health and would like to continuously expand my knowledge of how life is interconnected through this field. I truly appreciated the science courses I was enrolled in at St. Mary’s College, which allowed me to discover many exciting post-secondary opportunities. Biology was my most loved course during my time at SMC. I am looking forward to learning about science in different aspects to assist and care for others in their most vulnerable moments. It is a wonderful opportunity to incorporate my drive for aiding in the advancement and healing of others.

  • "SMC Alumni" Award(s) in Honour of Wishart Law Firm

Mercedes Mazzuca - I will be studying Business Administration at Algoma University. I plan on specializing in marketing and minoring in French. I am a creative person and I would like to be able to speak another language at an advanced level. I am also playing varsity basketball. I value a University degree because more and more occupations are requiring advanced education. Completing my degree will put me in a better position to become successful in the workforce.

Tianna Legacy - I have chosen to pursue an Honors Bachelor of Science Degree, with a Specialization in Biology, at Algoma University. I have chosen this field because I have always had a keen interest in this subject area. I believe that my passion for science started when I was in kindergarten, when my teacher introduced our class to the many wonders of beauty in God’s creations.

  • "Basilian" Award(s) in Honour of the Basilian Fathers

Maggie Medaglia - I have chosen to pursue a degree in Kinesiology at Western University because I have always been interested in the human body and how it moves. In my grade 12 year at St. Mary’s College, I was lucky enough to be able to enroll in the Kinesiology class. I found myself excelling and achieving very high academics. I believe that this is a testament to my genuine interest and love for
the subject.

Ella Valente - I have chosen to begin my Post Secondary Education taking Biology at Algoma University. I have always loved Science so picking a University Major was very easy for me. I plan to become a Speech Pathologist at the end of my Post Secondary Education. Speech Pathology is a career I have been thinking about for many years.