2023 SMC Alumni Association Scholarships Announced

The SMC Alumni Association in partnership with St. Mary's College would like to announce the 2023 SMC Alumni Association Scholarship award winners.  We would like to thank all students who applied for the scholarships and wish them well in their future endeavors.  The award winners include:

"Harvey Barsanti Scholarship" Award(s)

Ashlyn Noble - Who do you want to become? This is a question that I often asked myself coming into grade nine, excited by the endless possibilities that high school awaited me for. If I answered this four years ago, I wouldn’t know the particular answer to this question, but as my high school experience comes to an end, I know the answer to this particularly difficult question. My answer is to become the best person I can possibly be, all while exhibiting the qualities of a true knight.

Throughout high school, I have been taught many things, and it has shaped me and formed me into the individual I am today, and the person I have always wanted to become.  Firstly, during my experience at St. At Mary's College, I have learned to put myself out there, and step out of my comfort zone into trying new things, and getting involved through as many means necessary. I have had the full high school experience because I have been involved through sports, academics, clubs, committees, and volunteer work, which through all of these have taught me many things. They have taught me leadership, collaboration, perseverance, community and unification, core Christian values, and most importantly how to be the best
version of myself.

Additionally, I have also achieved many things during my time as a knight. I have
achieved superior academic validation, in which I have attended the principal breakfast for the past three years, in which I received the highest average for grade 11. Additionally, I have been a finalist or city champion in every sport I have played, I have been to NOSSA 8 times, and OFSAA twice throughout my sporting career. St. Mary’s basketball in particular has also helped me develop my skills, and earn myself a spot at OUA level basketball at Algoma University.

Lastly, I have been interviewed for my efforts for giving back to the community, and through St. Mary’s name has been a well known name for being a knight. It is through these things that have helped me capture the true essence of high school, and being a knight has allowed me to complete and achieve so many great opportunities.  Therefore, I have truly enjoyed my time as a knight, and I have learned, grown, and achieved so many things that will be core memories, and life skills for the rest of my life. I have truly developed from questioning who I want to become, into actually shaping myself into the best person I am and version of myself, and I have only SMC to thank for that.

Most people when they refer to staying home or local for university, their reasoning
behind that is because you “save money”. However, this is not the case for me, as I have also decided to stay local for university to study for a Bachelor Of Business Administration (Accounting Specialization). There are many reasons why I decided to stay and attend Algoma University, as it pertains to me, and who I am.

Firstly the most important factor was the sport I love, in which I decided to commit to Algoma University for their basketball program. I fell in love with the sport at a young age, and in which through the Algoma basketball program, and St. Mary’s, they made my decision to be close to home an easy one.

Next, the academics and program was a huge factor in making my decision. By staying, and going to Algoma has allowed me to further my studies from high school, and begin my next journey to my career, which my end result is to become a high school teacher. Through staying at Algoma I can get my Accounting degree for four years, while also minoring in math.

Lastly, the community and connection I have here in Sault Ste. Marie, is also why I chose to stay here. The people, the friends, the family, and the bond that is here, always makes me feel welcome, and truly feel like home which is something I was not ready to give up just yet.  Therefore, I am very excited for the fall for my post secondary education, and it was for many reasons why I chose to attend Algoma and study Accounting.


"Carmen Provenzano Leadership" Award(s)

Marcus Palumbo - Teach me Goodness... Making a difference in the SMC community

Within the SMC community I believe that I have made a difference. I have been a member of many school clubs, leadership clubs and sports teams. In all of these roles I focused on welcoming others, promoting SMC’s positive culture, and including everyone. Faith is a central part of my life and I continue to volunteer to read and assist at School Masses as much as possible.

Leadership and Commitment to the community outside of SMC

In 2021, in the midst of a pandemic, I decided to take my first ever adventure into the entrepreneurship world. I was approved for the Millworks Summer Company Program grant. This allowed me to dive into the world of business with the resources I needed to grow my business and to develop my leadership and interpersonal skills. The summer company program not only piqued my interest in business but afforded me the opportunity to build relationships with many citizens within my community.

During my gr. 10 year I participated in the Alpha for Youth Program, as a participant; I found the program truly interesting, and rewarding, so I decided to take on a leadership role throughout the last two years. In my role, I facilitated faith-based discussions, and encouraged student participation. Additionally, I led several prayers throughout the 8-week program.

Teach Me Discipline... Influence of SMC Athletics

SMC athletics has been a crucial part of my life. I would not be the person I am today without SMC sports, specifically football. Going into my Gr. 9 season I had no experience and was one of the worst players on the team. I was upset that I didn’t play much but my coaches told me that if I put in the work during the offseason I would see results in the coming seasons. As the year went on I was the only member of the Jr. Football team who attended the offseason training sessions. I was nervous to workout with all the older players but I stayed because I was determined to get better. I could barely do a push up. I was discouraged but thankfully my supportive coaching staff reassured me that I would get to where they were one day. Now, I am no longer the insecure Gr. 9 student, but the confident Gr. 12 leader. I am the one who reassures and motivates my teammates because I know just how daunting it can be to be in the weight room with the older players. Regardless, I remind them that everyone starts somewhere, and that small, consistent actions are how you will come to see true progress.

Teach Me Knowledge... Academic Excellence

Academics have always been important to me. From early on in my academic career earning grades which would allow me to qualify for such programs as the elementary AP program and the high school student honor roll each year, have been priorities of mine. I am proud to say that one of my academic achievements this year is earning the B1 DELF certification this school year. I believe that academic success is a reflection of hard work and dedication, two values that I believe help to form the foundation of this scholarship.

Preparing to graduate and move forward to a post secondary institution posed many challenges for me. With guidance from family, friends and school staff I have decided to pursue a combined degree in the fields of Kinesiology & Business. I came to this decision following much contemplation and by asking myself what I truly love to do? My answer, as you might expect, was “playing sports and helping others”. This field not only offers me the opportunity to analyze the human body, it additionally provides many potential career opportunities that are within the realm of sports. Some of these may include Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, or even a Team Physician.


"Rudy Duschek Scholarship" Award(s) founded by Rudy Duschek

Emily Perhonen -


"SMC Alumni" Award(s) in Honour of Wishart Law Firm

Abigail Guzzo -

Jenna Viotto -

Maggie Moulton -



"Basilian" Award(s) in Honour of the Basilian Fathers

Meghan Parrella-Ilaria -

Lauren Pezzutto -