Listen to this Podcast of Life at SMC, the early years …

In the words of Harvey Barsanti (Class of 1956), Frank Sarlo (Class of 1956) and Loris Pecile (Class of 1969), they discussed their experiences at SMC with the Borderline Radio Soo's Adrian Vilaca on a podcast.

Its a great interview where they discuss:

  1. The early days at SMC from 1956 in the first class till present day
  2. Sport Teams (Football, Basketball ...)
  3. Theatre SMC
  4. Transition to Coed
  5. Transition to the Wellington Street Site
  6. Transition to the New SMC on Second Line
  7. ... and much more!

Its worth taking the time to listen our first generation Knights on the Podcast ... Enjoy!

click The Borderline Radio Soo ... SMC Podcast


Mr. B at Work
Loris Pecile SMC Class of 1967